Water Treatment

Treatment of wastewater or used water for reuse and recycling for example for irrigation or second serivce water in industry with process like membrane filtration, reverse osmosis, active carbon filtration, precipitation, deacidification, disinfection, ...

Wastewater Treatment

Treatment of municipal or industrial wastewater with mechanical, biological or chemical processes like screening, flotation, neutralisation, aerobic or anaerobic wastewater treatment, sedimentation, filtration, microfiltration, disinfection, ...

Sludge Treatment

Treatment of excess sludge or other biological wastes with mechanical, biological or chemical processes for recultivation or reuse in acgriculture or final disposal with processes like thickening, dewatering, aerobic or anaerobic sludgevstagilization, disinfection, drying, co-digestion, desintergration, ...


We are taking the time we need in all engineering phases for highest quality, fundamental information, overall analyses for sustainable solution.


    A detailed collection of direct as well as indirect data and information are the basics for the development of integrated anylyses and sustainable solutions.


    Detailed evaluation of technical information considering the economical impacts as well as company key-values are essential for the overall project success.


    The development of scenarios influenced by changing the basic data and project frame conditions as wel as sencitivity analyses and cost-benefit analyses are key issues for project development.


    Finally a sustainable, economic and key-factors considering solution is carried out to fullfill the clients satisfation best possibly.


We a covering a wide range of services.

Consulting Services

From the idea on the paper

  • Basic, preliminary design
  • Masterplan, Feasibility study
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Functional Tendering
  • Tender Negotiation
  • Energy Anaylsis
  • Development of Stategy
  • Project Development

Engineering Services

From paper to reality

  • Project Management
  • Process Engineering
  • Process block charts, P&ID
  • Standardization, Plant labeling
  • Commissioning, Acceptance
  • Local analytics
  • Expert missions
  • Training

Expert Services

Reality fits to Idea or planning?

  • Court Expertise
  • Party Expertise
  • FIDIC Expertise
  • Authority Expertise
  • Preservation of Evidence
  • Mediation


We are offering many conditions and qualification for successful projects.

Up-to-date Software

We are using modern software like Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, AutoCAD P%ID, Adobe Creative Cloud, Builtup Construction and Tendering software. We offer complete industry standard.


As required we develop specific programms for example with Visual Basic to be more flexible in data evaluation, process engineering and comparison of variant solutions.


As needd we carry out 3D modells of the plants in realistic view, for example to check and evaluate the integration into an industrial complex.


We are maintaining an online archiv of literature, combined with meta data terminology for an efficient search and cross-linked availability of information.

Project in the Cloud

Project elaboration and team cooperation is carried out by using custom-designed project websites with access administration and different using levels.

Process and Plant

We are using and continiously expand an internal software, which combines in unique form process and plant engineering aspects. This offers a high design flexibility and overall analysis in process and operational engineering issues.

Mass Balance

We are used to develop overall mass balances. This approach is an essential element for chekcing the solution in view of process calculation and completeness.


Projects will be carried out professionally in the office in Germany or in any other places over the world


Cooperation and project elaboration in English language is a matter of cource.

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  • 100

    Block Charts

During 10 years KochConsult approx. 85 projects in 19 countries are carried out.